I’m new to Suhaila. . . what workshop should I take?

First of all . . . Welcome to the Exciting World of Suhaila! Newcomers are welcome to take any workshops that are open to all participants. We highly recommend that newcomers consider:

  • Multi-Level Weeklongs. Students receive an offering of the vast material Suhaila covers as an instructor, including an overview of her certification program. These workshops include detailed technique and choreography.
  • Level 1 Three-Day Workshops. Students receive fundamental instruction specific to Level 1 in Suhaila’s format.

Which workshops will teach me more about Suhaila’s certification program?

You can learn about Suhaila’s training methods and approaches at any of her workshops. If you want to focus specifically on certification, then the Multi-Level Weeklongs and Level 1 Three-Days listed above are the best options. Both Multi-Level Weeklongs and Level 1 Three-Days offer opportunities for participants to test for Suhaila’s Level 1 Certification. More information about Suhaila’s Certification Program (SSBD) can be found in the Certification section of the website. Suhaila trains and teaches “dancers”, so be prepared to be on your feet and stay moving!

Which workshops will teach me more about Jamila’s certification program?

You can learn Jamila’s format by taking a Jamila Level 1 Weeklong. Jamila’s format has existed for decades, served as the genesis for what is considered American Tribal Style, and contributed major inspiration for cabaret dance. And guess what? Jamila’s format still stands strong; be ready to work hard and sweat.

Why do some workshops require specified certification levels for attendees?

For active participants of her certification program, Suhaila offers specific workshops to help students focus intently on advanced material. To keep such workshops moving at a higher level, attendees must have previously demonstrated their knowledge of and abilities in Suhaila’s format and nomenclature. The School uses certification testing as the method of determining whether a student has the required knowledge and/or abilities for attendance at specified workshops.

I’m not interested in certification; can I take a workshop?

Of course, you can! Many of Suhaila’s students are not interested in certification. Some are only interested in certifying to a certain level, and others have set goals to be certified in Level 5. Students with different goals, stylizations, levels and purposes all train beside each other.

What style does Suhaila teach?

No styles, yet all styles. Suhaila’s fundamental dance training is not a style; students are learning to be dancers, and a well trained dancer can perform any stylization she wishes. Cabaret dancers, gypsy dancers, tribal dancers and fusion dancers all meet in class to receive the same training . . . and. . . throughout their studies in Suhaila’s format, they learn one fundamental dance format and many stylizations.

I’d like to get certified, and I have a lot of previous dance experience. Can I take a Level 2 or 3 workshop?

Regardless of previous experience, all students begin with Level 1. Suhaila never holds students back from realizing their potential and moving forward. As soon as you have learned the material for one level, she encourages you to move forward. And, don’t worry, if you attend a Level 1 Workshop and find that you are on top of everything, Suhaila and her teaching staff will help you out with layering options so that you leave the workshop feeling challenged and renewed.